Seeking relief, healing, and change is usually very personal.  It isn't something you do everyday.  And it may be something you have never done.  

Most of us begin a process like this because we are feeling stuck or need extra support. We may even be overwhelmed.  When I meet with you, we will talk about the challenges that brought you to my office.   And, we will work together to tailor sessions to meet your hopes, goals and personal needs.

Part of our time together will include having you share memories, feelings, or perceptions about your relationships and experiences.  As a result, you will learn more about yourself and the way you relate to others.  You will identify what is working and what isn't working.  You will learn new ways of caring for yourself, relating with others and responding to circumstances in your future. 

Our partnership will give you a place to explore and practice everything you are learning.   While there is no way to guarantee exactly what the results will be, I hope you will experience healing and movement in your life and in your relationships.  

I am looking forward to beginning our work together and hearing your stories. 

Mary Ashworth, MACP 


phone: 623.738.6802

One client's story...

I came to Mary wanting to get a clearer perspective on a troubling relationship.  She listened carefully and compassionately and really got to know me.  She asked thoughtful questions and helped guide my thinking back to what I needed out of this relationship, what was fair and reasonable and not just what was being demanded of me.  She suggested specific ways of interacting with this person to put me back in control and put up good boundaries. When I slipped or lost confidence, she acknowledged how hard it is to change behavior patterns, then offered alternate suggestions that I might feel more comfortable with.  She always made me feel understood and cared for and her advice actually worked!  I was able to make a lot of changes in just a few sessions and though the problems don't go away completely, I feel a lot more in control of my part of it.  I've been able to hold the line on reasonable boundaries and not feel like I am a bad person for standing up for myself.  Mary reflected back to me what a normal relationship should look like and helped me understand what I was doing that worked against my own needs. I am so grateful for her caring, active listening, good sense and practical knowledge of how to go about making the changes I needed. My relationship with this person has benefited tremendously from her guidance and support.